• Student Life Insurance

    Student Life Insurance

Food For Thought

Mr. Kyaw, age 30, a young father, is planning to invest in an education plan for his 1 years old son Chi Chi. He chooses the option of 19 years policy term with the sum assured of 5,000,000 MMK. When Chi Chi is 17 years old, he will receive a guaranteed sum of 1,250,000 MMK in 4 instalments totalling 5,000,000 MMK.

Ms. Lai Lai, age 27, a young executive is planning to invest in an education plan for her 5 years old daughter Shi Shi. She hopes to send her to Singapore for her university education. She chooses the option of 15 years policy term with a sum assured of 20,000,000 MMK. When Shi Shi is 17 years old, she will receive a guaranteed sum of 5,000,000 MMK in 4 instalments totalling 20,000,000 MMK.

Insurance for future leaders

Parenthood comes with immense joy and a sense of pride. While we enjoy the joy our children bring into our lives, we are also constantly thinking about their futures. In particular, their education is the biggest concern and is a major financial commitment. Let us help you to plan four your child’s future education!

Insurance for future leaders

Enjoy Additional Benefits

  • Protection for peace of mind
  • Guaranteed Renewal
  • Payor’s Benefit – Full waiver on outstanding premium payments if the parents suffers from Death or Total Permanent Disability. The child will continue to enjoy the full value of the sum insured over four equal instalments beginning from the child's 17th birthday. 
  • Death and Total Permanent Disability Benefit for Insured Child if the Insured Child loses his or her life due to unforeseen circumstances and suffers from total permanent disability, the parent will receive 100% of the sum assured if this happen when the child is 3 years old and above. The parent will receive 25% of the sum assured if the child is below 3 years old.
  • Cash Withdrawal - Start to withdraw 25% of the sum assured starting from the child’s 17th birthday till the child reached 20 years old.
  • Flexible Options – Parents can enjoy additional options on the policy, such as surrender, policy loan or paid-up option. 

Premium Rates

Example premium per 1,000,000 MMK Sum Insured.

Premium Rates

Affordable premiums, start from as little as 895 MMK per month!

EFIL aims to support our children's education expenses at a targeted time. Minimum 1,000,000 MMK up to maximum 100,000,000 MMK.

Affordable premiums, start from as little as 895 MMK per month!
Why Work With EFI Life?

Why Work With EFI Life?

Life is a journey of uncertainties. And since 2018, we have made it our mission to people find the assurance they need. As a subsidiary of Excellent Fortune Development Group, a top multi-sector conglomerate with a presence in the financial, real estate, mining, agricultural, and industrial sector, we are financially sound and strong. We are committed to creating a positive social impact through our products and services that serve the protection, savings, and investment needs of different life stages and for all segments of society.

EFI Life is focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, EFI Life aims to become a leading Myanmar insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance. Come journey with us! Let us help you live life truly. Let’s #livelifetruly. Together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the insured register two children in one policy?

The insured can register only one child in one policy.

What is the maximum limit for sum insured?

The insured can insure up to 100 million MMK.

Is there an age limit for Student Life insurance?

The insured’s age has to be starting from 18 to 55 years.

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You can get financial support and good savings habits when facing unforeseen circumstances by having Student Life Insurance coverage. So apply now to give your child a good head start in life.