• Group Life Insurance

    Group Life Insurance

Food For Thought

Your people are the crucial system under-pinning your organization's ability to grow and thrive. Offering  insurance benefits to your employees is important because it shows them you are invested in not only their overall health, but their future. 

A solid employee benefits package can help to attract and retain talent. Benefits can help you differentiate your business from competitors. 

Full protection for your employees

Why are employee benefits important? 

  • A good benefit package can make employee feel rewarded and appreciated for their work.
  • Benefits provide support to employee's family, health and financial future.
  • Help to attract and retain top talents.
  • Keep a healthy work force.
  • Increase employee's morale.
Full protection for your employees

Enjoy Key Benefits

Lump sum payment of sum assured upon accidental death of insured.

Accidental injury.
Lump sum payment of sum assured upon total permanent disability of insured.

Premium Rates

1% of total sum insured (Minimum 10,000 MMK to Maximum 50,000,000 MMK).

Premium Rates


  • Employees over the age of 45 are required to undergo a health check-up if the insured sum is 10,000,000 MMK or more.
  • Insurance coverage can be transferred to other employee in event of termination of employment, resignation or changing of department.  
  • There is the minimum requirement of 5 persons (including stakeholders) in order to insure under the Group Life Insurance.
  • Insured need to be in general good health before acceptance. 
Why Work With EFI Life?

Why Work With EFI Life?

Life is a journey of uncertainties. And since 2018, we have made it our mission to people find the assurance they need. As a subsidiary of Excellent Fortune Development Group, a top multi-sector conglomerate with a presence in the financial, real estate, mining, agricultural, and industrial sector, we are financially sound and strong. We are committed to creating a positive social impact through our products and services that serve the protection, savings, and investment needs of different life stages and for all segments of society.

EFI Life is focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, EFI Life aims to become a leading Myanmar insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance. Come journey with us! Let us help you live life truly. Let’s #livelifetruly. Together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many persons can be insured?

Starting from 5 persons (physically in good health) can be insured.

What is the maximum limit for sum insured?

The insured can insure up to 50 million MMK.

Is there any coverage for Covid 19?

The insured will be compensated 200 % of sum insured when he faced to death by Covid 19.

Apply This Insurance

You can get financial support and good savings habits when facing unforeseen circumstances by having Group Life insurance coverage. So apply now to safeguard your employees and take care of their well-being.